Ohio hotel workers sue for time and attendance violations

A hotel management company in Ohio is being sued in two separate cases for time and attendance violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act relating to unpaid overtime as well as minimum wage payments. According to the Norwalk Reflector, an investigation by the state's Wage and Hour Division uncovered multiple instances of willful employee misclassification for individuals working as housekeepers in the five hotels owned by the company, as well as improper time keeping.

All told, a total of 89 workers were affected in both cases, resulting in the company being found liable for $42,288 in back payments in one of the suits and $11,181 in the other.

Under the current FLSA guidelines, employees not classified as exempt must be paid the federal minimum wage amount, which is currently $7.25, as well as time-and-a-half for any hours worked above the 40 in a standard workweek.

In these two cases, the Norwalk Reflector reported employees who were not purposely classified by the company as exempt, were only paid overtime for hours worked above 80 in a two week time span, nor were they compensated for time related to training.

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