New Jersey lawmaker takes steps to modernize payroll systems

A New Jersey lawmaker is proposing a bill that will modernize the state's payroll system, The Jersey Journal reports. Hoboken assemblyman Ruben Ramos announced a plan that would require state workers to receive payments through direct deposit and have electronic access to W-2 forms and other tax documents.

In a public statement on Wednesday, Ramos stated that such a system would slash administrative costs of managing traditional paperwork and other time consuming responsibilities. He contends the process will also increase savings for taxpayers.

"It’s the 21st century and it’s time the state of New Jersey began acting like it," Ramos said in statement, according to the source. "There’s no excuse as to why the state insists on physically mailing pay stubs that are sealed in an envelope, printed on paper, stamped and labeled. This is a recurring administrative cost that the state incurs for thousands of employees."

If passed, the New Jersey treasurer's office will have three years to install the system. The treasurer will also be able to grant waivers for departments that cannot handle the technology.  

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