Nevada bill proposed to end daily overtime

In response to workers' requests for more schedule flexibility, Nevada Senator James Settelmeyer (R-Gardnerville) has proposed a bill that would remove overtime provisions for employees who work more than eight hours a day, according to the Nevada News Bureau.

Senate Bill 332 would prevent workers from collecting overtime for exceeding eight hours of labor in a 16-hour period - one calendar day. However, it would keep the overtime rate of 1.5 times the hourly wage for employees who work more than 40 hours per week.

Nevada Taxpayers Association representative Carole Villardo testified in support of the bill before the Senate Labor, Commerce and Energy Committee.

"If someone does not show up for her breakfast shift the next morning [and] calls someone back in who worked the late shift, she is on overtime," Villardo explained, as quoted by the news source. "That is a major impact to a lot of small businesses."

Labor groups oppose the bill, saying it is unfair to employees.

The committee will also be considering another bill related to employment, according to The Republic. SB369, which proposes the establishment of a shared-work unemployment compensation program, would allow employers to reduce the hours of workers who would otherwise be laid off. These individuals would then receive unemployment compensation for the reduced hours.

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