Maryland hospital system faces employee time lawsuit

Thirteen employees of a Maryland hospital system are suing their employer for employee time violations. According to Southern Maryland Newspapers' report, the workers claim they were made to work through their lunch breaks without being paid.

Job duties varied among the plaintiffs in the suit. Some worked in lower level positions such as housekeeping, while others affected were employed as medical assistants and registered nurses. One of the litigants stated that in the two years he worked in the hospital system, he was frequently required to work through his lunch break of 30 minutes and the time was automatically deducted from his pay.

Other plaintiffs involved in the case stated the same thing happened to them as well.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, 30 minutes is typically constituted as an acceptable meal break period. However, during this time, employees must not be allowed to perform any work-related duties and are not considered to be on break if tasks are performed on an authorized lunch break.

The newspaper wrote that the case has been filed in district court but the hospital system has yet to be formally served with the complaint.

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