Major League Baseball facing overtime lawsuit by minor leaguers

The public sector isn't the only place where time and attendance lawsuits are filed. According to LawyersAndSettlements, Major League Baseball is being taken to court by former players in its minor league farm system due to unpaid overtime and other grievances.

The lawsuit, which was filed in San Francisco's U.S. District Court back in February, is on behalf of several players who claim that in addition to not being compensated for overtime, MLB failed to pay them minimum wage under FLSA and state guidelines. In some cases, they were not paid at all.

LawyersAndSettlements wrote that given the duration of a minor league season, which can be as short as three months and as long as five, a player's salary can fall between $3,000 and $7,500 annually. According to calculations under the FLSA, these wages put players below the minimum wage threshold.

Additionally, players are said to work 50 hours per week between practice and travel to and from games, which are typically scheduled nearly every day of the week. Minor leaguers are also not paid for instructional league participation during the offseason and conditioning programs.

The plaintiffs are looking to have their suit converted into class-action status, which may affect a number of other players as well.

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