Major airline creates employee attendance program

In a move to incentivize employee attendance, United Continental Holdings introduced a new program that will reward employees who have perfect time and attendance. The new Perfect Attendance Program is geared toward decreasing absenteeism, while boosting contributions to company customer service goals.

Employees with unblemished attendance records for a six-month stretch can enter their names into a company contest to win a new car. The company will award 11 cars on an annual basis, starting on January 1, 2011. Other prizes for perfect employee attendance include cash and 5,000 frequent flyer miles.

"We want to make sure that everybody is focused on running a clean, safe and reliable airline," president and CEO Jeff Smiseksaid. "Perfect attendance helps United provide consistent, reliable service to customers, and it also reduces our costs."

The program is a carryover project from before the merger of United and Continental, two of the largest carriers in the U.S. Previously, Continental presented more than 180 cars to employees with perfect attendance and another 15,000 awards of varying value.

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