Mail order prescription drug company faces FLSA lawsuit

A large company specializing in mail order prescription fulfillment is facing a time and attendance lawsuit in the state of Arizona, according to Digital Journal. The suit has been classified under class-action status and was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona.

The case centers on employees who performed work as coders for the company, but were classified under an exempt status that denied them overtime when working more than the 40 hours in a standard week. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, individuals who fall under the "Computer Employee Exemption" status are not allowed to receive overtime pay.

"Just because an employee works in an office at a computer doesn't mean that they aren't entitled to overtime pay when they work long hours," Tim C. Selander, an attorney at the Nichols Kaster law firm representing the plaintiff in this case, said in a recent press release.

In the suit, the plaintiff, and any other employees who currently work in a similar capacity are looking to be compensated for any overtime hours that went unpaid, as well as other compensatory damages.

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