Local union, government trade overtime pay for layoff halt

Rather than receive overtime pay, the union workers will instead earn compensatory pay through the end of the current fiscal year, which runs until April 30, 2011. According to the paper, employees will have an opportunity to earn nearly 480 hours of compensatory pay during that period.

The payroll adjustment could save the city as much as $55,000, said Bart Olson, Yorkville's city administrator. The agreement is only a temporary measure and will require both sides to re-examine how to prevent further layoffs in the spring.

Meanwhile, the Naperville, Illinois, city council negotiated a similar agreement with another branch of the same union, the Naperville Sun reports. The IUOE Local 399, totaling 11 employees, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - 63 employees - negotiated new contracts with the city that will save approximately $460,000 combined, while cutting overtime pay and limiting the use of contracted private companies.

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