Large retailer settles time and attendance lawsuit

Assistant managers at a large retail store chain have been awarded a settlement in a class-action time and attendance lawsuit filed against the company, according to a recent press release cited by The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch blog. The lawsuit was filed in the Eastern District of New York on behalf of three individuals who claim they were not compensated for hours worked above the standard 40 in a typical workweek.

The plaintiffs sued for both unpaid overtime and interest accrued on double liquidated damages.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, any employee who works more hours than what is considered to be standard is entitled to overtime pay, unless they perform job duties that classify them under an exempt status. One of these is an Executive Exemption, which does not require the payment of overtime if an individual oversees two or more employees.

So far, the company is responsible for a $10,798.46 payment to the three people working as assistant managers. However, the report states that it is unclear if there are more individuals who were also adversely affected.

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