Judge grants settlement in time and attendance lawsuit

A large food manufacturer in Nebraska is close to settling a six-year-old lawsuit for time and attendance violations. According to LawyersAndSettlements, the primary issue in this litigation revolves around production line workers not being compensated for time spent changing clothes between breaks and meal periods, and other work that took place before the start of shifts and after they were finished.

The plaintiffs maintained that they were only paid for work that occurred while the line was in operation. The lawsuit, filed as a class-action, states that as it relates to the changing in and out of garments used for work purposes, the Fair Labor Standards Act has clear guidelines that calls for this time to be paid unless there has been a previous collective bargaining agreement on the part of the employer and a union preventing garment changes from being classified as work.

Plaintiffs involved in the suits were looking to have attorney costs and court fees paid in any settlement, as well as compensation for unpaid overtime. The judge presiding over this case awarded litigants with a settlement package worth $18.8 million.

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