Hospital system in California sued for unpaid overtime

A large hospital system in California is being sued for time and attendance violations related to unpaid overtime, according to a report by LawyersAndSettlements. The suit is seeking class-action status because the system was in charge of the day-to-day operation of 12 hospitals where as many as 400 workers could be affected by these practices.

The original plaintiff states that both unionized and non-union employees were often required to perform work-related duties after they clocked out and the defendant routinely deducted time for meal breaks when they had not actually been taken. Both practices are violation of California Labor Law as well as the Fair Labor Standards Act if employees are considered to be working in a specific job function that doesn't make them exempt them from receiving overtime payments.

Under both laws, employees are required to receive overtime payments for any hours worked over 40 in a week. However, in California overtime must be paid for any hours worked over eight in a day.

This is the second such lawsuit against the defendant as LawyersAndSettlements wrote in 2011, the company agreed to $1.08 million settlement with three litigants who filed suit for similar violations.

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