Former sheriff's deputy sues for unpaid overtime

An ex-law enforcement officer in Arkansas is suing his former employer for employee time violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act related to unpaid overtime. According to The Arkansas City Traveler, the plaintiff alleges he was not paid for the overtime that he worked over a period of four years.

The suit was originally filed in mid-February and the defendant filed an answer in late March.

According to the report, the plaintiff worked as an hourly employee classified as non-exempt. According to the FLSA, workers are eligible to receive overtime compensation for all hours worked over 40 in a standard week as long as their job duties don't place them in exempt status.

The complaint alleges employee time violations as the plaintiff was instructed to submit two separate time sheets: one that said he worked 80 hours in a two-week time period and another that showed the actual numbers of hours worked. However, only the former was paid out, not the latter. The plaintiff states that he would routinely work in excess of 100 hours for each pay period.

The lawsuit seeks unpaid overtime compensation, attorney's fees and other liquidated financial damages.

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