Fast food chain being sued for labor violations

A national fast food chain is being taken to court by employees in the states of California, Michigan and New York for misuse of employee management software and other time and attendance violations. According to a report from The New York Times, employees of the company were said to have been paid below the federal minimum wage standard, were not paid overtime, at times were made to perform work for which they were not compensated, were not given meal or rest breaks and had hours intentionally removed by management from timecards.

Additionally, USA Today reported that litigants are looking to receive back pay and other compensatory damages. The lawsuit could have wide-ranging implications for the company, as it could include nearly 30,000 more workers nationwide.

Coincidentally, the news of this particular lawsuit comes on the heels of an initiative by President Barack Obama to completely overhaul the Fair Labor Standards Act with regard to both minimum wage increases and reclassification of employees who were once exempt from overtime. These employees would now be able to receive extra pay as the result of working more than the standard number of hours in a work day or week.

The New York Times reported that seven separate lawsuits against the fast food chain have already been filed.

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