Employer turning to GPS to track employees

Disciplinary action against 15 Brevard County, Florida Mosquito Control workers in early November shined a light on one way technology can assist in employee tracking, especially in businesses that distribute company vehicles.

In this case, the supervisor pulled records from GPS systems installed in vans to reveal that the employees had taken longer than expected lunch breaks and used the vehicles to run personal errands. As a result, three of the 15 workers were fired while the rest were disciplined.

Recently, UPS introduced a technology named "telematics" that not only monitors drivers' schedules, but analyzes efficiency, customer service and energy consumption data, UPS spokeswoman Karen Cole told FloridaToday.com.

When implementing GPS monitoring practices, employers are encouraged to notify their staff of such a tracking method to avoid disputes and possible legal action, says Karen Still, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based labor relations lawyer.

Nevertheless, the practice - which already gained momentum in private industry - is an accurate employee tracking method, FloridaToday.com reports.

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