Company-provided social workers help Target's employee attendance rates

Target recently announced the decision to employ social workers who will twice a week service employees at the retail giant's Compton, California, location. In a move to help its often economically strapped employees, Target will provide the social workers to assist employees with personal and financial management as well as help them understand the demands of their work schedule, according to the Consumerist.

The store's managers recall that upon the location's opening a few years ago, employees faced bigger issues than training.

"There was domestic violence, teenage pregnancy. We've had situations where team members were homeless and living in their cars but still coming to work," the store's head of human resources and employee recruiting told the Los Angeles Times.

Target not only had to deal with employees bringing their troubles to work, but also had issues with employee time and attendance. However, Target locations with social workers saw a 17 percent increase in employee attendance in 2010.

When the program began, the Compton location was only the second to have in-house social workers. Yet, that number has grown to 69 locations, according to the retailer. The Times reported that Walmart and Costco too have examined the idea of introducing social workers to stores in lower-income neighborhoods.

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