City's broken timeclock means work attendance goes unchecked

A state examination of the Department of Public Works (DPW) in Mechanicville, New York, recently revealed that the department's timeclock had been out of order for several years, according to the Times Union. DPW officials claimed that they maintained electronic spreadsheets to track employees' job attendance, but the state found no written records.

According to the news source, only about a dozen people work at the DPW. The city's mayor, Anthony Sylvester, said the department's size made monitoring employees' hours easy for officials and expressed confidence that time accrual reports were accurate.

However, "the absence of adequate controls over timekeeping may leave a payroll system susceptible to error, abuse, or even fraud," according to the audit, as quoted by the news source.

"There's no checks and balances as to when [employees] are coming and going," Michael Coleman, a Mechanicville resident and former city political candidate, told the news source. He called the DPW's lack of a timeclock a "travesty of justice."

The clock has recently been restored to working order.

Meanwhile, Commissioners in Columbus County, North Carolina, are having the opposite problem with their timeclock system - it crashes when too many employees use it at the same time, according to WECT News. 

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