Casino employee pinched for forging payroll documents

Former Connecticut state employee Lisa E. Bloomer will be serving time at a state facility after she was found guilty of forging payroll and time and attendance documents, the Norwich Bulletin reports.

Bloomer, who worked at the Church St. Client Living Arrangement in Mystic as a staff supervisor of 12 employees caring for mentally disabled patients, was found to have spent her time in casinos and not at the facility, as her documented stated.

In all, Bloomer's activities reaped approximately $207,000 in overtime pay, forcing her to face first-degree grand larceny charges for which she plead no contest. In all, there were 130 occasions between 2005 and 2007 in which Bloomer filed false documents, during which time she was paid $45 per hour in overtime and totaled about $129,000 in 2007 alone.

Records matched her forged time and attendance documents with those showing at Foxwoods Casino, the Bulletin reported. As a result, Bloomer will spend two years in prison, though Judge Patrick J. Clifford did not order Bloomer to pay any restitution, as her plea will force her to forfeit the $67,000 annual pension she would have received starting in 2016.

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