California cleanup crews racking up overtime pay

The storms that slammed California in recent weeks have spiked cleanup costs around the state, but officials budgeting money to clear roads and neighborhoods have another cost to worry about - overtime pay.

Cleanup crews throughout southern California have been working at a breakneck pace, undertaking round-the-clock schedules to improve utilities and other effects of the storms, the Porterville Recorder detailed.

In Porterville, crews racked up approximately $19,000 in overtime pay, while in the Bakersfield area, overtime payments are expected to reach into six-figures after the city spent nearly $12.7 million in cleanup costs.

Georgianna Armstrong, Kern County emergency services manager, acknowledged the costs are significant, especially in a state facing significant budgetary issues, but praised workers for pressing on during the holiday season, The Californian reports.

Nearly a foot of rain fell on Southern California last week, creating major flooding, mudslides and widespread damage to homes and roads. The total cost of the cleanup is still being assessed, but San Bernardino County expects the effort will cost upwards of $17.2 million.

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