Airline fleet service workers file time and attendance lawsuit

Airline fleet service workers in California are taking their employer to court for time and attendance violations related to unpaid overtime, as well as not being allowed to take meal breaks, according to LawersAndSettlements. Both are violations of labor laws in the state of California and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Complicating matters is the fact that the employees are unionized and meal breaks and overtime stipulations were put in place through the use of collective bargaining. The defendant states that this agreement supersedes both federal and state laws with regard to the transportation industry.

FLSA guidelines stipulate that enforcement of violations within the industry are governed by agencies outside of the U.S. Department of Labor. However, the U.S. District Judge sided with the plaintiffs in this case and allowed the class-action litigation to move forward.

Workers claim that they were made to perform work duties prior to clocking in for the start of their shifts and after they'd already clocked out. Additionally, meal and break periods were missed due to the nature of the work, which ensures that airplanes are always safe and ready for on-time departure

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