W.Va. woman claims payment irregularities in suit

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A lawsuit has been brought against a small pharmacy chain in West Virginia by a former employee who claims she wasn't properly paid based on Fair Labor Standards Act requirements.

The legal action, so far limited to just one ex-worker, claims the company had the woman work more than 40 hours in a week but didn't correctly record employee time nor compensate her for the extra time, according to legal source the West Virginia Record. She also alleges she was threatened with being removed from her position if she clocked time above the overtime threshold, which is in and of itself a violation of the FLSA.

FLSA overtime requirements are one of the more straightforward parts of the law, requiring workers to be paid one-and-one-half times their regular wage after putting in more than 40 hours in a given pay period. The proper maintenance of time and pay records is also required under the act.

Creating and saving logs of employee hours and wages paid can be more complicated than it seems, especially for businesses with multiple locations and a large amount of employees. The use of attendance tracking software can make handling these issues easier for organizations as well as enhancing compliance with the law.

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