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Overtime pay lawsuit filed against medical company

Meal & Break Policies Overtime
Jun 28, 2013

A former employee of Medicalodges Inc., a for-profit nursing company in Kansas, has filed a lawsuit against the corporation, claiming employees are not being fully paid for their time and attendance.

South Carolina police officer sues over pay

Federal and State Laws Overtime
Jun 27, 2013

A canine handler and sheriff's deputy from Berkley County, S.C. has filed a lawsuit against the county, claiming he was not paid for his employee attendance while working overtime.

Commissioners reach decision on local Texas overtime issue

Jun 26, 2013

Commissioners in Johnson County, Tex. reached a decision on the issue of time and attendance as well as overtime payments for local officers at the sheriff's office, Keene Star reported.

As FLSA turns 75, home care workers routinely denied overtime

Federal and State Laws
Jun 25, 2013

More than 75 years after the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was signed into law, home care workers may still be denied full pay despite their time and attendance.

Report finds excessive overtime pay for U.S. Marshals

Federal and State Laws
Jun 24, 2013

A new report released by the Justice Department has revealed that some U.S. marshals may have been abusing the overtime pay system in recent years, significantly inflating employee time and attendance.

Uncertainty regarding overtime for California truck drivers

Jun 21, 2013

Employee time can be hard to track in the commercial trucking industry, and there seems to be uncertainty regarding whether drivers are entitled to receive overtime in California.

New Hampshire firefighters paid millions in overtime

Jun 20, 2013

From 2009 to 2012, firefighters in Portsmouth, NH. were paid millions in overtime for their time and attendance.

Chicago murder rate drops as police overtime increases

Jun 19, 2013

Chicago police offers are clocking more employee time than ever, and the declining murder rates indicate that extended hours are proving beneficial for the city.

Report reveals employees not reading code of conduct

Employee Policies
Jun 17, 2013

Whether it's a policy regarding employee attendance or the use of biometric time clocks, workers are not paying attention.

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